What Happens After Midnight by K.L. Walther




Lily Hopper has two more weeks until she’s officially finished with boarding school. With graduation quickly approaching Lily is worried that she’s somehow missed out on the fun of being in high school. So, when she receives a mysterious note inviting her to join the anonymous senior class Jester in executing the end-of-year prank, Lily sees her chance to put her goody-two-shoes reputation behind her.

When Lily realizes the Jester is none other than Taggart Swell, her ex- boyfriend, she’s already in too deep to back out. Lily might’ve dumped Tag, but she still has major feelings. Plus, his brilliant plan to steal the school’s yearbooks, targets none other than Lilly’s prom date: the Senior Class President, Daniel.

As the group of pranksters hide cryptic clues across campus for Daniel to find, Lily and Tag find themselves in close quarters. As the exes dodge Campus Safety guards, night owl teachers, a troop of freshmen, and even Daniel himself, new sparks fly. But old hurts and painful secrets refuse to be ignored. And with graduation on the horizon, Lily can only hope that breaking the rules will help mend her heart.


Are you in your Taylor Swift era? Then I have just the book for you. What Happens After Midnight is a cute story about first love, losing it and finding it again all to the tune of some of Taylor Swift’s greatest songs. Cuz that’s how it works, that’s how you get the girl.

With only a few weeks left until high school is over, Lily has some regrets. The biggest one being how things ended with her high school love Taggert. They had some big plans until something derailed them, but feelings are still lingering and maybe one night full of friendship, shenanigans, and confessions can turn it back around.

If you’re going to read this one, go into it blind. The synopsis gives the entire story away, but sometimes its nice to know where a story is going and just enjoy the journey. The vibes were unmatched. It was Gilmore Girls meets private boarding school. The relationship between Lily and her mother Leda was so Rory and Lorelai coded and it felt like the town of Stars Hollow had been plopped onto this private campus as this eccentric bunch of teachers living in their own little town. So it’s basically the Gilmore Girls x Taylor Swift mashup of my dreams. There were also quite a few Schitt’s Creek references which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Taggert was so cute and swoony. A total cinnamon roll through and through. Him and Lily just had that chemistry from the start. You can see it in the flashbacks and even during their night of adventure. While classified as YA, this is most definitely an upper YA with closed door scenes and discussions about sex.

Walther has crafted another cute romance that, while predictable, is just what a hopeless romantic like myself loves.

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