Book Review: Before I Do by Sophie Cousens

Title: Before I Do
Author: Sophie Cousens
Release Date: October 11, 2022
Genre: Romance
Rating: ★★★★★


What would you do if ‘the one that got away’ turned up the night before your wedding?

Head-in-the-stars Audrey is about to marry down-to-earth Josh. Though they are polar opposites, they have a healthy, stable relationship; Josh is just what Audrey needs. But romance should be unpredictable and full of fireworks, and as the big day approaches, Audrey’s found herself wondering if Josh really is The One.

So, when Josh’s sister shows up to the rehearsal dinner with Fred, Audrey’s What If? guy–the man she met six years ago and had one amazing day with–Audrey finds herself torn. Surely Fred’s appearance the night before she is due to get married can’t be a coincidence. And when everything that could go wrong with the wedding starts to go wrong, Audrey has to ask herself: Is fate trying to stop her from making a huge mistake? Or does destiny just have a really twisty sense of humour?


If life hadn’t been so busy, I don’t think I could have put this one down. Every time I picked it up I was immersed this this quirky, bad omen filled wedding day from hell and couldn’t get enough of it. I loved Audrey, Clara, Hillary and even Josh grew on me over time just like he did for Audrey. It was a cute story about soulmates, meant to be and just how much fate really has to do with anything.

The timeline for this one and the layout of the book was so much and definitely why is sucked me in so much. You have chapters set the hours leading up to “I Do,” those that come after “I Don’t,” and a bunch in between following Josh & Audrey’s story, Audrey & Fred’s story along with some important moments in between all of it. You can’t say that a single page of it is boring or gets you stuck in a rut because you’re constantly bouncing around and seeing all these moments that led to this wedding day.

I loved how Audrey was a late bloomer with her career. Bouncing around from job to job unsure of what she was wanting to do for the rest of her life. She does everything from dog walking to working in art galleries. It was so nice that she didn’t have it all figured out, but had this relationship with Josh, her one constant. You don’t have to have it all figured out to fall in love. Love isn’t always some constant adventure, it’s all the boring stuff in between each adventure as well. Josh and Audrey were so opposite and it was fun seeing how that all played out.

This book was such a laugh, almost all at poor Audrey’s expense. All those omens and Granny Parker plus the way the last few chapters played out? #teamaudrey I so would have been chanting at the luggage carousel too. Cousens really nailed it with this one and it’s now going to be my new go-to romance pitch when bookselljng. Definitely check this one out.

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