Bone Island: Book of Danvers by Nicole Fiorina





To my beloved black sea,

It was full dark when I snuck out of the castle to meet you.

You wore those ripped black jeans and your new friend’s boots, with sleet from the forest still in the grooves. You moved awkwardly in your new clothes because you were still creating yourself, like one of your drawings.

We drank vanilla cola from glass bottles and listened to a song about how fast the night changes over and over. Two adults frolicking as youths, French kissing in secret to hide from winter and distract ourselves from the town crumbling around us. The way we touched each other was equally punishing and artful, painting a world where we could be together on each other’s skin.

For a while, we pretended. For a while, I was the kind of woman you could be loyal to and fight for, and you weren’t the lost, forbidden Heathen.

Now, it’s been days since I’ve seen you. I’ve decided long ago, and this is my last letter. Everything I’ve worked so hard for—before you came along—will carry on as if our time together never happened.

Don’t bother stopping me. As I once said, the tremor between us will only lead to carnage.

But as I plunge a knife into the chest of the man I once desired to marry, I’ll think of all those foolish nights when we pretended, our time on Bone Island, vanilla cola, our stupid song, and you.

Yes, my beloved black sea.

I’ll think of you.

xx, a

**Bone Island can be read as a stand-alone or within the interconnected series. For a better reading experience, read books in the order they are published.**


I have been wrecked. Ripped apart, broken and torn. This book made me feel things that can’t ever be unfelt. I’m not even being dramatic. Nicole Fiorina has crafted a love story for the ages. Her writing so beautiful and whimsical it puts love ballads to shame. While Bone Island may have felt like it took forever to be written, I can guarantee it was worth the wait.

Stone and Adora were cataclysmic. A love as violent as the sea during a storm. I loved every minute of their coming together and falling apart. Both stubborn in admitting their feelings but unable to stop themselves from fighting for each other.

Stone Danvers was made to feel a monster when all he ever tried to do was his best self with the shit life he was dealt. He was such a kind soul who was used and hurt by so many. When you look at the other Heathens and their experiences living in Weeping Hollow, their situation doesn’t seem as bad. At least they had people around them who understood the curse and their coven rallying around them. The guys even had each other; true friendship and camaraderie. Stone had no one.

While I hated Adora at times, I never actually hated her. Her decisions frustrated me but if I were in her position I can’t say I wouldn’t make the same choices. I’d put my family above all else too. In the end I couldn’t hold any of what transpired against her.

The ending blew my mind. The way it all came together and pulled these loose strings together, things I hadn’t even considered, was genius.

I find it hard to believe anyone will be disappointed in this book. From the steamy scenes, to the love story and the wistoragic of it all, this book will resonate with many.

Spice: 🌶️🌶️

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