ARC Review: Sisters of Sword and Song

Title: Sisters of Sword and Song
Rebecca Ross
Release Date:
June 23, 2020
YA, Fantasy
Rating: ★★★★★

Thank you to Edelweiss+ and HarperTeen for an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review!


After eight long years, Evadne will finally be reunited with her older sister, Halcyon, who has been proudly serving in the queen’s army. But when Halcyon appears earlier than expected, Eva knows something has gone terribly wrong. Halcyon is on the run, hunted by her commander and charged with murder.

Though Halcyon’s life is spared during her trial, the punishment is heavy. And when Eva volunteers to serve part of Halcyon’s sentence, she’s determined to find out exactly what happened. But as Eva begins her sentence, she quickly learns that there are fates much worse than death.


Sisters of Sword and Song is a story about love. The love two sisters have for each other that is so powerful it brings light to darkness and saves the world. This was such an emotional read and it brought me to tears so many times. It was beautiful and sad along with being this powerful story of the family you have and the one you can make for yourself.

Avadne and Halcyon were two sides of the same coin each with their own struggles of jealousy of one another but they never let that touch the love they had for one another. Hal was the golden child with a bright future beyond the olive grove while Ava was left behind with dreams of magic that never came to fruition. Yet they each had reasons to be jealous of one another. They were flawed and real characters that you could relate to but by the end had found strength in one another and within themselves that they hadn’t seen until this journey they faced together. It was a great reminder that it’s easier to see the greatness in others and forget that you too have your own unique strengths.

I’d say that this book was very much character driven. While there was a plot I found myself more focused of Halcyon and Avadne; their struggles, their love, their growth. Plus the plot seemed a tad flimsy at moments. Things that were supposed to be difficult just seemed to easily work out without too much of a struggle in the moment. Like our characters worked and trained hard but solutions just appeared when we were told how impossible these tasks were supposed to be.

The slow burn romance had me begging for some action by the halfway point. It was tentative and sweet, so innocent that it drove me nuts (in a good way). Again though it wasn’t the main focus of the story nor did it take away from the sisterly relationship. It just added this whole other kind of love for us to experience.

If you’re a fan of Ancient Greek then you’ll love the Greek influences throughout the story. Instead of this huge cluster of gods and goddesses that create mischief, wars and have trouble keeping it in their pants we have the Nine Divines and their relics. The Divines still have domain over certain aspects of the world like fire and water, but they no longer walk the earth and instead have left relics behind that mimic the powers they each hold so non-mages, people born with magic, can have magic of their own. It was such a fresh take on gods/goddesses and I liked that they weren’t really an active part of Eva and Hal’s journey.

Ross killed me with her ending and I need more. I’m secretly hoping that when she sits down to write her next book she’ll pull a Queen’s Resistance and suddenly have more to add to the story of Hal and Ava. Hell I’d even love a prequel of the divine Kirkos (the god Hal and Ava and descended from). The cover, the story and the writing were all beautifully done and I can’t wait for you all the experience this book. 

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