Review: Announcing Trouble by Amy Fellner Dominy

“His joy hurts because I know it’s for baseball. For a sport he’d chose over me every single time”

– Amy Fellner Dominy

Release Date: August 5, 2019
Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing, LLC (Crush) for an eARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review!


I may know everything there is to know about baseball, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Or like him. Garrett Reeves: sidelined player and the embodiment of everything I’ve learned to hate about baseball. He’s gorgeous, he’s cocky, he’s laser-focused on getting back in the game, no matter the cost.

When he convinces me to call games alongside him, our chemistry heats up the booth. We’re good together, whether I want to admit it or not. I’m finding that I like baseball again, but even worse, I’m liking Garrett. A lot.

But when he has to decide between our future and a new shot at his dreams, I know baseball will win out every time.

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book has tons of hilarious banter, lots of sexual tension, and a hero who will throw a wild pitch right at your heart.


Announcing Trouble is the epitome of Teen & YA romance. It was definitely not love at first sight, none of the typical insta-love. There was some witty banter, some steamy romance scenes, and a whole lot of baseball. I found myself looking up terms just so I could keep up with what was going on in the announcing booth. It was a fast-paced story that was sweet but also had a ton of emotion and depth to it as well.

➽ Josie – Burned by her father and his love of baseball, Josie has turned her back on baseball and hates everything about it; especially baseball players. She plays it safe and plans to become a partner in her mom’s essential oil company while attending college online. It’s a perfectly safe plan, until she meets Garrett and takes over as an announcer for her high school baseball team. Suddenly thrown back into the baseball world and falling for a baseball player with a Plan A, B, C, etc. for his own future, Josie questions her choices and might lower her walls, as long as playing baseball is no longer in Garrett’s plans.

➽ Garrett – The school’s golden boy always surrounded by girls and a cocky attitude to boot. He’s an injured star pitcher who is now in the announcer box instead of on the field. He loves baseball more than anything but a comeback from his injury is near impossible. Announcing is the next best thing and then one day stubborn, know-it-all Josie interrupts a game and becomes his new partner and catches his eyes. He’s really into Josie, but is he fully willing to step away from his chances of playing baseball again for her?

Garrett and Josise were so in sync in the announcer’s box, to the point where it was noticeable to others in the story when they were fighting. They played off each other well, both witty and funny which made it an entertaining read. The relationship was slow-growing and believable as were the choices the characters made regarding their lives after high school and their relationship. It didn’t feel too young/juvenile which can sometimes happen for this genre sometimes. Both Josie and Garrett had issues in their personal lives that they had to work through on their own along with issues that came up with them trying to make a relationship work.

Throughout the novel Josie makes huge strides in recovering from her past with her dad and even starts to figure out what she wants for her future versus what Garrett or her mom may want for her. She follows her heart and does what she thinks is best for her and what will make her happiest. I think that’s an important message for younger women who may read this novel and I applaud Dominy for making this book about more than a boy and girl falling in love. It’s an important message, one I wish I’d come across when I was younger.

If you can’t tell, I absolutely loved this book, especially Josie and Garrett. I love a cocky baseball player who is really a giant mushy teddy bear and Josie was tough as nails. She truly changes throughout the novel and really comes into herself. I slightly wish there was a second novel so I could see where they each end up I the future.

If you love baseball and a steamy romance, check this one out! I was also lucky enough to be apart of a Promotional Blog Tour for this book and have a post with some teasers up on it and a giveaway so you can win a copy of Announcing Trouble!

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