About Me

Aubrey Erskine

EIT, Book Reviewer, and wannabe Travel Agent.


Aubrey holds a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Sacramento State which she uses to earn money to pay for her book and travel addiction. She also works at Barnes & Noble where she enjoys curating displays and trying to sell customers her favorite books.

Her favorite genre of books include smutty romances with a good plot to smut ratio (or really just anything with romance) and fantasy. While she does enjoy traveling through different location in books, in real life she’s traveled throughout the UK, Ireland, Greece, Rome and of course Paris.

In her free time she enjoys consuming way too much caffeine, laying around with her cats, and planning her next vacation.

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Blissfully Bookish
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The Perfect Shadows Apothecary
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Currently accepting ARCs/Finished Copies for review for Fall 2023/Winter 2023.

Get in touch

Aubrey is always available for side collaborations and sometimes for review opportunities. If you want to chat about books, planning a vacation or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

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