Review: You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn

“It all starts with a song. Maybe it’s time I finish mine.”

– Erin Hahn

When I first saw You’d Be Mine and read the description for it I was expecting a cute summer read like Emery Lord’s Open Road Summer; It wasn’t like that at all. You’d Be Mine had so much depth and feeling in it that calling it a “cute and light summer read” would be a disservice. This book deals with the heavy issues of loss, depression, and coping in all the wrong ways but does so in a relatable way. Our two main characters are not flawless but they are strong and I was rooting not only for them to be together but for them to also really find themselves and move on from their troubled pasts.

➽ Clay Coolidge – The typical frat boy country star who is the life of the party but behind his exterior is dealing with the loss of his brother in all the wrong ways. Girls, alcohol and fighting can only help so much especially if they’re threatening to derail his budding country music stardom. His label company sees him as a risk and now he has to convince good girl and country music prodigy Annie Mathers to sign with the label and tour with him this summer or his career is toast before it ever started.

➽ Annie Mathers – With two uber famous country music stars as parents it’s no doubt that Annie has the talent to back-up the label of country music prodigy she’s grown up with, but she’s struggling. Annie’s parents, Cora and Robbie, are one the most tragic country love stories, lost to the industry in such an awful way. Annie doesn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but her love of being onstage along with her raw passion for singing and songwriting might just win out over her fear. Clay is thrown into her life to make her dreams come true, but Clay himself is everything she wants to avoid. He’s trouble with a capital T. A smokin hot cowboy full of issues that are dragging him down. The last thing she needs is the Robbie to the Cora she doesn’t want to be, but Clay is a tough one to resist.

Clay and Annie are definitely messed up from their pasts, Clay more evidently so then Annie who is struggling in other ways. There were a lot of light scenes of them on stage performing that helped to balance out the more hard-hitting moments. I found myself crying a few times for these characters who had to deal with so much so young and deserved better than the hand they’d each been dealt. They are both strong people though and it was nice to see them learn from each other, but not lean on each other in toxic ways.

My favorite thing about this book was the musical references! Annie bringing country music history into her sets was just perfect with the Johnny Cash and June Carter theme the book was following. There were so many songs referenced that I found myself looking them up and eventually making a playlist. If you click the link below the five star rating at the top of the page you can hear all the songs that ran through my head while reading this book. If you don’t have spotify I’ve listed all the songs at the end of this review. I’ve never experienced anything like doing a song playlist before, but now everytime I listen I’ll be thinking of Annie & Clay and their journey.

I am officially one of Erin Hahn’s biggest fans and need a signed copy along with every other copy of this book. I can’t wait to see what Hahn comes out with next. I secretly hope this becomes a series because I need to know what goes on with the other Willows.

I want a love like Johnny and June, or Clay and Annie. I’ve never felt so connected with a love story before. It’s hard to convey just how much this book moved me and just how much I loved it. I wish the Willows were a real band because I have a feeling I’d love their music. You’d Be Mine will be my most recommended book I feel like, starting with my sister who loves classic country. Be warned that there are triggers though such as suicide, alcoholism, and drugs. They are handled delicately and skillfully though. Check out my playlist though and leave some thoughts or tune suggestions!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of these songs nor do I have anything to do with the novel. I’m just someone who fell in love with this book and made a playlist.

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