5 Infernal Devices Locations to Visit in London

When traveling I always sit down before a trip and create a list of must-see locations. While visiting London some might have places like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey in mind, but for me my must see locations are those from one of my favorite trilogies; The Infernal Devices. Due to some travel mishaps I actually haven’t been to all these locations yet, but they’re definitely on my wish list for my next trip.

The London Institute

St. Brides Church
St Bride's Church London, England

What is a trip to shadow hunter London without a stop at the institute? You can enter the church for a self guided tour and just imagine how hard it must have been for those shadowhunters to snag such prime real estate.

Blackfriar’s Bridge

Only steps away from the institute, you too can try to find your Jem (or Tessa) on this gorgeous yet usually overcrowded bridge. I highly suggest waking up and hitting the bridge early if you want some empty shot of you on the bridge (this was around 7am).

Blackfriar's Bridge

Hatchard’s – Piccadilly

“You have been the last dream of my soul.”
Hatchard's Bookstore London Picadilly

No trip through Shadowhunter London is complete without a stop at the bookstore where all the magic happened. Or at least where Will picked up that inscribed edition of A Tale of Two Cities for Tessa. Hatchard’s is a gorgeous two-level store packed full of beautiful classics. I spotted 4 different versions of A Tale of Two Cities while browsing.

Blackthorn Manor

Chiswick House

Ever wanted to wander the grounds where the demonpox worm was killed? Well today’s your lucky day! Chiswick House is open to tours for the low price of £12.50. Honestly a steal and it seems like a great way to spend the day.

The Devil Tavern

While glamoured to look knocked down by those lovely Downworlders trying to keep us mundanes out, you can still see the site location which is memorialized by a plaque where the tavern once stood.

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