Feedback Post: AOC, Queer and #OwnVoices Spotlight

Hi guys! I have some thing a little different for you today, something I’d love some feedback on. Some of you may or may not have attended the online Yallwest festival this year, but you might probably have heard of the crap shoot that was the This American Experience panel where a white author started talking over a panel of authors of color. It was honestly the worst and I only saw the transcripts for it. I did attend the This American Experience 2.0 held the next day which was beautifully moderated by Nic Stone. It made me consider how privileged I was to never even take race into consideration when picking the books I read if that makes sense? I literally pick my books based on cover or description. This panel brought up issues of racism and homophobia that still exist today and that authors of color or who are queer still face.

This is were I need some feedback: I want to start spotlighting authors of color along with their books, queer books written by queer authors and own voices novels in a new segment.

I don’t want to go about this the wrong way though and come off as insensitive since I’m white. Like I said before these are things I didn’t take notice of before, I just picked up my books based on if the story spoke to me. I want to change that though and maybe bring awareness to those who follow my blog and might want to join me on this journey.

If you have any feedback on this idea including constructive criticism or what you think is the right way to go about doing this segment, please comment below or feel free to contact me using the information in the “Contact Me” tab on my blog. If you think this is just a downright terrible idea or even a good one please let me know!

Thanks for following me and hopefully this is something I can kick off soon ♥


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