Guest post with Shani Petroff

What do you hope readers take away from your book?

Finding Mr. Better-Than-You is about a girl who gets dumped at the start of senior year and is determined to find someone better than her ex. However, along the way (with some help from her friends), she learns that there are some things more important than boys.

What I hope people take away from the book is that while being in a relationship can be amazing, it doesn’t define you. You can be happy and loved and make your dreams come true regardless of whether you have a significant other or not. It’s important to know who you are, and for those in a relationship, to remember that a healthy one will allow you to be yourself.

In many books (including a bunch of my own!) at the end the couple gets together, and we’re led to believe they have found true love and a happily ever after. I think that’s great. I love books like that, I write books like that! However, I also think it’s important to show not everyone finds that in high school (or even college, etc), and that’s perfectly normal too! In fact, more often than not, people I meet didn’t wind up with their high school sweethearts (although I always love hearing about people who did!). I want people to know whatever their situation may be, they should live their best lives. Being in a relationship doesn’t magically take away problems and being single doesn’t mean you don’t have lots of love in your life.

This book is about friendship and finding yourself, and I hope people (both those who have significant others and those who don’t) will read it and smile. That they’ll appreciate their friends, their loved ones, and even those exes who crossed their paths and the future possibilities that are waiting for them.


Camryn has been dating Marc FOREVER—since freshman year! She dropped out of volleyball to go to all his games, switched her schedule around to be in his favorite class, and has been busting her butt to get into Columbia so they can go to the same college. So when Marc suddenly, and very publically, breaks up with her a week into their senior year so that he can date the new transfer student, she’s absolutely devastated.

But why be sad, when you can get even? Inspired by her favorite movies, Camryn decides that the best revenge is a Senior Year well lived, starring a boy who is ever so much better than her ex. With a little help from her friends, Cam is going to have the Best. Senior. Year. Ever.

Meet the Author

Shani Petroff is a writer living in New York City. She’s the author of the “Bedeviled” series, which includes Daddy’s Little Angel, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Dress, Careful What You Wish For, and Love Struck, and is the co-author of the “Destined” series which includes Ash and Ultraviolet. She also writes for television news programs and several other venues. When she’s not locked in her apartment typing away, she spends a whole lot of time on books, boys, TV, daydreaming, and shopping online.

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One response to “Guest post with Shani Petroff”

  1. I would say Petroff accomplished her goal, because one of my big take aways from this book was the idea of losing yourself in a relationship, and I loved watching Cam find herself again.


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