New Blog Same Me

Hello from my new blog!

As you can see I’ve moved my bookish blog from Blogger to WordPress. While Blogger was a great start to my dream of having my own blog, WordPress is more the format I’ve always imagined using. It also allows me to connect easier to other book blogs some of my Instagram followers have. So it was time for a change.

I also just needed a fresh start to be honest. If you go to my instagram you can see that my last two months have over a month of time between them. I jumped right into the bookish world without knowing what to expect and got overwhelmed. Did anyone really take my reviews seriously? Was the format of the reviews okay? Why the heck wasn’t I getting as many likes on my bookstagram as other people? Was I wasting my time?

These were the questions that kept going through my mind, so much so that I froze and bailed out. That month long break turned out to be just what I needed though. I started my blog and bookstagram FOR ME. While I hope other people read my reviews when deciding to read a book or not, I need to keep in mind that I’m doing this because I love it. I’ll eventually find my flow and hit my stride. It’s about enjoying the journey not just the destination.

So welcome to me re-starting my journey. I will be including different posts besides reviews and I can’t wait to start on them. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and please feel free to contact me about books you might like reviewed or leave feedback on my posts! I love interacting with the bookish community and can’t wait to get back into it.

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