Review: The Wicked King by Holly Black

“Once upon a time there was a human girl stolen away by faeries, and because of that, she swore to destroy them.” 

– Holly Black

My beautiful, wicked, and strong Jude it was so nice to dive back into your world you were very much missed. As someone who reads a lot Fantasy Teen&YA Jude is hands down one of my favorite main female characters. She knows what she wants even if she isn’t quite sure how to get it or who to even trust, which makes me love her even more. This was one of my most anticipated releases this year and it did not disappoint.

Jude is back more badass than ever. There was a ton of character development in this book and it was interesting to see how Jude stepped up in certain situations. We left off with Jude tricking Cardan into becoming High King and her puppet for a year and a day. Fast forward to the revelry of Cardan being crown, she’s now ruling the Fae without them even knowing it and having to make some tough decisions not only with the kingdom, but with some feelings she seems to be having for a certain wicked king.

Cardan is unreal. He’s the guy your parents warn you about, the one that treats you worse because he likes you. He also had some amazing development with himself and how he treats Jude. You see him start to enjoy being High King and stepping up to situations when Jude otherwise occupied.

Overall it was an interesting story from start to finish that had me totally enthralled and finishing it in one sitting (or listening). I’m not sure if I’m ready for this series to end but excited to see what Holly has up her sleeve next for our favorite villains (yes I consider them all villains, aren’t we all in someone’s stories?).

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