2019 Wrap-up & 2020 Goals!

Happy New Year fellow bookworms! New year new me. Just kidding still the same me, but with this new year I want to reflect on the past year. What worked, what didn’t and what changes I want to make to the blog in 2020.

2019 Wrap-Up

Book Birthday Tuesday: New Releases

So when I originally started Book Birthday Tuesday, it was to remind people what was coming out and what reviews I already had up out of those new releases. These posts were a ton of work and sometimes there just weren’t that many books coming out that I was interested in. For 2020 I’m going to take these posts in a new direction.


I started off the year posting reviews twice a week. Well then I hit a slump and that just went to hell in a hand basket. I felt so much pressure to read and review that it kind of got not so fun for me. So this year I have some new ideas to help keep me chugging along and I’m really excited about them.

I also want to get into reading more finished copies/published books. Almost all my reviews are of ARCs and my rooms is getting a tad out of control with my physical TBR.


I’m pretty active on my Bookstagram, more so than I am on here, and I’d like to change that by making more of a connection between the two. More crossover posts and features on each possibly. I’m still considering how to do this so suggestions are appreciated.


I felt like I was lacking content and originality compared to my other bloggers. Beyond new releases and reviews, I didn’t have any other content happening on the blog. I’d love to change that up this year and not limit my creativity, maybe add some discussion posts here and there to break up the reviews.

2020 Goals

➳ Book Birthday Tuesday will be changing to “Monthly Releases” and will feature books I’m excited about or have read ARCs for

➳ Post at least one review a week along with another bookish article

➳ Buddy read/buddy book conversations – I have supportive friends who are going back and reading some of my favorite books so I think it’d be fun to feature their thoughts on books compared to mine

➳ Book to Movie/Book to TV Adaptations – at least once a month I’d love to review a book that’s been brought to some sort of screen and compare the two

➳ Monthly TBR – Discuss ARCs I have waiting to be read, what finished copies I’m considering and take some suggestions from fellow bookworms (read one of the books they mention)

➳ Try to review at least two finished copies a month

➳ Read/Review at least one classic novel a season – I now officially own the Thomas Nelson Winter collection and they need to be read, not just sit on my shelves looking beautiful

➳ Try to do at least one blog tour a month

➳ Reach out to publishers for review copies or guest posts/interviews; don’t be a wuss

➳ Use my damn reading planner to organize all this!!!

So that’s a wrap on 2019 and I’m hoping to start off 2020 with a bang! Comment some of your 2020 goals below, critique my ideas or leave some suggestions ✨

3 responses to “2019 Wrap-up & 2020 Goals!”

  1. evelynreads1 Avatar

    Good luck! I hope you can achieve all your goals!


  2. jyvurentropy Avatar

    A lot of book bloggers seem to get really stressed when they try to review on a schedule. I think it’s better to have fun with your blog than create a specific kind of content because you think you have to. This is your corner of the internet. Do what makes you happy <3

    1. Aubrey @ The Shelf Life Chronicles Avatar

      Yeah I’m five months into this and especially with the lockdown have been struggling to read. I try to keep a consistent schedule but you’re right about just having fun with it! Thanks for the advice ❤️

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